Noi siamo qui – Nuove Generazioni
Since the beginning, the Festival has always supported the youngest and the most innovative part of performing arts. This year it focuses even more on youth: young and very young choreographers and dancers, but also scouting, promotion and inclusive training through site specific projects and partnerships with the most original Italian realities.
Ammutinamenti 2014, together with the twenty year anniversary of Cantieri Association, talks about itself, its activities and its history, tracing an emotional map strengthened by many years of relations and expansion. Most of all it opens the doors to the future, to new orientations, to the youngest intuitions, to looks and bodies aimed at decoding different types of vision and use of urban places, spaces and regions and at inventing, or finding, another network of relations. All that starting from the school, from learning how to watch and being watched, from listening to our and others’ bodies, from the respect for our beauty, at times unknown, and the limits and borders that can only be overcome if accepted.
This is a new vision that goes through the decoding of our past. It stares at what is about to come, through the risks and the unknown connections to whom performing arts bravely aim at for their genetic status.
It is sort of a Manifesto-Festival which reveals necessities, inclinations and intentions that have developed during the years and have gradually changed the morphology and perception of spaces, physical but also emotional and sensory, creating different mappings, promoting new talents and specifying directions and unknown approaches. An essential future that talks about itself and draws an open horizon through new looks and new bodies.
Thanks to a cross perspective, it accustomed us to see and live the relation with the city through other techniques, other intentions, other suggestions. Just like a school of thought that taught us how to experience a space differently and how to relate with human beings on the street, at home, at work. All that trying to colonize hostile areas with different thoughts, giving them a new life with our bodies but also with the brave discipline required every time we take on aesthetic responsibilities over the world.

With: Simona Argentieri e Valentina Dal Mas_Babel Crew, Caterina Basso, Anna Basti, Alessandro Bevilacqua, Tiziana Bolfe Briaschi, Claudia Caldarano, Mara Cassiani, CollettivO CineticO, Collettivo Pirate Jenny, Corpogiochi a Scuola®, Giulio D’Anna, Stefano Fardelli, Giulia Ferrato, Andrea Gallo Rosso, Garage Sale, Gruppo di danza contemporanea del Balletto di Toscana, Elisabetta Lauro_ Cuenca/Lauro, Anastasia Kostner, Francesco Marilungo, Antonio Minini, Tommaso Monza, Open Space, Irene Russolillo, Valentina Saggin, Moreno Solinas, Davide Valrosso, Video Dance (Moving Virtual Bodies).

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