In CorpoGiochi®, “Speed 1” stands for the basic energy that escapes dispersion. It comes immediately after the silence of the 0. It widens our look and does not set any goal. It just lives in the moment of its fullness. It is the speed that allows us to orient in the chaos, to feel our body, to feel the world. It is the speed that allows the listening and escapes distractions, noises, chatters or judgments; it avoids the past and the future and enters deeply into the present and the space.
It becomes present.
“Speed 1” allows to perceive the danger and to find alternative solutions, as a dynamic and rooted awareness.
It represents the flexible body, not stiffened by any armor, that body which can house its fragility and turns it into power.
This year Ammutinamenti chose “Speed 1” as an existential and poetic rhythm for its corporeal narrations. It remains in Darsena, but also comes back in town, in the city centre, the stage of the first urban dance invasions more than twenty years ago, with aesthetic actions of disturbance, antinomies and bodies that were able to change everything with their dance.
Now there are no more city centers or suburbs for Ammutinamenti. There are only relationships between spaces and bodies, experiences, emotions, places to tell again and to look at with another look.
“Speed 1” is typical of those pioneer plants that suddenly grow between the cracks of a pavement in that global garden called world and feed the poor and poisoned soil, opening the horizon to other plants in the future.
Those pioneer plants do not wonder about: they accomplish their duty. Rooted in the soil, they bring permanent changes, an entropy which is open to many other possibilities. Basically incomprehensible, but strongly alive.

Now it is time for the ecosystem’s life to be told, the natural economy of the saving, the beauty of the smallest action, the depth of the look, the openness of the body which delivers emotions and transcribes with a gentle writing the places: it feeds them, it makes them free, it listens to their noises and to the sound of the voices that animate them, it houses the noise of the steps and the bodies which slightly touch and interlace.
Ammutinamenti is set in Ravenna, but it could also be set in another city, in the West or the East, in the North or the South of the world, carrying on the same narration.